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Energy Logistics

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Energy Logistics

Energy Logistics relates to the supply chain catering to the oil & gas and the renewable energy industry such as Wind, Solar, Hydro etc. This segment needs specialization in logistics management inlight of the sensitivity and swiftness related to this industry.


The technological advancements, increasing demand, pricing pressures and complexity in products are the corner stones of this industry and our team of experts are well trained to cater to this specialized industry. We understand the risk as well the logistics needs very well and can provide customized supply chain solutions the industry requires in terms of reliability, cost and speed.


Infrastructure upkeep and developments continues to be the key focus globally and is being managed on tight timelines and budget. Owing to the complexity and wide span of requirements which differs from one project to the other, multi-modal logistics and proficiency in specialized handling is fundamental.


We specialize in infrastructure logistics and offer multi-modal logistics solutions as we understand the nuances as well as the intricacies involved in this segment. On the back of our global network of offices and agents, we are well positioned and have the required aptitude to undertake complex infrastructure projects.

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Industrial or Factory Relocation

Factories and production units are required to shift their locations owing to various economic or geographic reasons and this involves total logistics with door to door capabilities. These type of projects are always time and cost restricted. In-depth engineering skills combined with expertise in logistics are key factors required for successfully relocating factories.


We follow strict protocols in every aspect of our service with high safety standards maintained all through the project. Our total logistics service includes :


  • Packaging including fabrication, crating, lashing etc.

  • Transportation of over dimensional cargo with police escort arrangements.

  • Warehousing and specialized storage.

  • Documentation including certifications, legalization as necessary.

  • Shipping including containers and break bulk options.

  • Stowage planning which includes securing of cargo for the sea passage.


Inlight of our expertise in total logistics and time efficient processes, we have enabled several such re-locations very effectively and are well represented in providing expert advice as well handle factories of all sizes and its assets.


Contract Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions

Contract Logistics is the efficiency created by vendoring out the overall logistics of a company and by doing so it is intended to obtain cost reduction, operating efficiency and become asset light.


We are well experienced in handling complex supply chains and have the expertise to become your contract logistics and supply chain solutions window. Our services and solutions are geared to offer comprehensive services in terms of planning, control and implementation. We specialize in creating well organized solutions which enables you to benefit with operational efficiency, cost reduction, enhanced visibility, ,effective inventory management and quality information at every stage.


Our ability in offering consistent services and timely solutions is primarily driven by our team of logistics experts, geared to creating customized solutions. This enables an efficient and information propelled supply chain.

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Contract Logistics
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