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Quality Policy

Transliner Pte Ltd


Transliner, and its employees pledge their complete attention and focus to Customer satisfaction at all levels of performance, regardless of the nature or quantum of the services rendered.

In our constant quest to improve Quality, it is our desire to continuously explore, amend and replace various processes and modalities within the Organization, which will manifest itself in higher standards of Quality Management.


The Management of TransLiner reposes its entire faith in its employees, and empowers them to adopt the right changes at the right time in right measures in order to make our services cost effective without compromising, at all, to any form quality in rendering these services. This will be achieved by periodical review of TransLiner’s quality objectives.



Hence, the success of implementation of this Quality Policy lies in educating each employee of the Company on this need in devising an ongoing training programme at all levels, to attain complete skills as required for our Business, from time to time.

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